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Mimic Octopi--the Hidden Menace!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Mimic Octopi--the Hidden Menace!

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Заглоты атакуют! [11 Jun 2015|03:14am]

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Проснись, Ктулху, и зохавай этот мир! / Wake up, Cthulhu! [15 Mar 2015|01:34am]

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[27 Jul 2014|03:01am]

Я - культист
и горжуcь этим.

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Noted without comment. [22 Jul 2011|09:04am]

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Giant discoball squid [10 Jan 2003|12:36am]

Ok, it's not exactly an octopus, but . . . did anyone catch that show on cable last week about "future evolution" with all the outlandish creatures? Like the scintilating, shiny, disco ball squid? THAT was a cephalopod that took its mimicry a little too seriously . . .
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[12 Aug 2002|01:17pm]

Please note that I am merovingian, and not a mimic octopus.

And if you keep chasing me, I'll turn into a poisonous lionfish instead.
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FISH! [12 Aug 2002|09:34am]
[ mood | weird ]

you mean ted the bug, from Bone? or am i just on crack?

la la la!

...following my fish...

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greetings and salutations...and, er, tentacles [11 Aug 2002|11:00pm]

[ mood | stalwart ]

welcome to MimicOctopi, the community for mimic ocotopi posing as lj users, lj users posing as mimic octopi, those concerned about species confusion, fish, undersea things of all types, ted, and those who love...er...anything we mentioned. yes.
there is no theme, there are no rules, and we encourage finger pointing, by and large.
play on.

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